Anticipating 2040: I’d like to take a look at it.

Contribua com o Crowfunding pra Beia ir pro Fuuturo

Contribute with the Crowdfunding so Beia can step into the Future

I have this new project (it’s driving me crazy) to inspire people to contribute with my going to the future: 2040.

Actually it’s a 1-day Conference, in London, that will feature 11 speakers who will address aspects of a potential roadmap to sustainable abundance by 2040: fantastic!!! I was a participant, last year, in the awesome conference “Anticipating 2025”.  And would not miss 2040 for nothing!

I couldn’t afford another trip from Brazil to UK, so I decided, I could impress companies to sponsor me and they would get free lectures when I got back. Amazingly, most of the people who have contributed to the CROWDFUNDING Project are my friends.

Conferência Abundância Sustentável para 2040

Conferência Abundância Sustentável para 2040

One of them, is my dear friend Dave Davies, from London, who convinced me to write my project in English. Have I thought about it earlier, I’d have my video in English. But here it is, and you can practice you Portuguese:

If you got curious about my professional back ground , you can access this link (in English) to know a little bit more about myself. And how aI became a lecturer. If I got you interested, it’s all very simple. The minimum amount to contribute is something like 3 dollars and the max is something like US$ 2,800 in dollars.

The thing about crowdfunding is not about how much people contribute, but the fact that if everyone gives 5 dollars there’s a chance to achieve the total amount.

Well, that’s it folks! I am going insane with all this! The conference is only 11 days ahead!

I included a PayPal button, so now everyone abroad can contribute!

Vamos levar a futurista Beia Carvalho para 2040?

Vamos levar a futurista Beia Carvalho para 2040?

Here is the direct link to contribute:
Here is the link to Conference:

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  1. Everything about the Conference:
    This 1-day conference on Saturday 3rd October will feature 11 speakers who will address aspects of a potential roadmap to sustainable abundance between the present day and the year 2040:
    • Opportunities to accelerate development and deployment of beneficial technologies
    • Avoiding potential downsides of technology – for the environment, for human values, or for social well-being
    • Transforming education to put more focus on the challenges posed by converging disruptive trends
    • Regulations and checks to counter short-termist action by incumbent vested interests
    • The celebration and enablement of proactive innovation for the common good
    • The promotion of scientific, rational, evidence-based methods for taking decisions
    • The positive role of decentralised technologies (such as blockchain)
    • The potential evolution of social structures such as markets and currencies, to attain the best results both from our competitive instincts and from our collaborative instincts
    • Transformation of our democracy so that governance benefits from the wisdom of all of society, and serves the genuine needs of everyone, rather than perpetuating the existing establishment
    • Progress reports from new transhumanist political initiatives around Europe.
    Saturday 3rd October in Birkbeck College, central London.
    See here for more details of the vision behind this conference.
    The speakers:
    Speakers at Anticipating 2040 will be:
    • Rohit Talwar (CEO of Fast Future) – “Beyond comprehension: Navigating the far horizon”
    • Stephen Minger (ex Chief Scientist at GE Healthcare Life Science) – “Stem cell therapies 2015-2040”
    • Karen Moloney (Director, Moloney Minds) – “The future of men and women”
    • Calum Chace (ex business leader, author of Pandora’s Brain) – “Surviving AI, 2015-2040”
    • Diana S. Fleischman (Senior Lecturer at The University of Portsmouth) – “The future of food – a roadmap to in-vitro meat”
    • Waldemar Ingdahl (director and founder of the Swedish policy think tank Eudoxa) -“The force of the many: The future of Blockchain, 3D-printing and other decentralized technologies”
    • Naomi Nickerson (Imperial College, London) – “The future of quantum computing”
    • Steve Fuller (Auguste Comte Professor in social epistemology in Warwick University’s Department of Sociology, author of Humanity 2.0) – “What will social justice look like in 2040?”
    • Stefano Vaj (Professor of New Technologies Law at Padua University, National Secretary of the Association of Italian Transhumanists) – “The future of smart regulation of accelerating technology”
    • Amon Twyman (Leader, Transhumanist Party, UK) – “Sustainable abundance as political program”
    • David Wood (Executive Director, Transpolitica) – “Critical milestones on the path to sustainable abundance”
    Conference organisers:
    This conference is jointly organised by:
    • London Futurists – Serious analysis of radical scenarios for the next 3-40y ys
    • Transpolitica – Anticipating tomorrow’s politics
    • Transhumanist Party – Abundance, Access, Action

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